CNC Automation

CNC Plate Feeder

The automatic CNC plate shear feeding system is available as a factory-installed addition to SUNRISE dual-cylinder ironworkers with 100 tons or more capacity. The CNC plate shear system dramatically reduces manual shearing time and plate positioning. Omron touch-screen controller provide operator simple programming to input material length, cut lengths and number of pieces needed. The system automatically processes the plate to length. The feeding system featuring knurled drive rollers, hydraulic hold-down and proximity sensors to achieve the highest quality parts.

Standard Features

  • Mitsubishi servo motor driven for high accuracy.
  • Knurled pinch rolls with independent hydraulic pressure adjustment clamps material to drive into shear.
  • Hydraulic plate hold-down.
  • Separate upper roll encoder for slip detection.
  • Adjustable width guide with urethane rollers for material squareness.
  • Dual proximity sensors for accurate plate edge detection.
  • 1m of in-feed conveyor included.

* Punch CNC table sold separately.