CNC Automation

Semi-Auto Table

The semi-automatic CNC positioning tables from SUNRISE are plate, angle and channel positioning systems with simple user-friendly interfaces. The CNC positioning table is available as a factory-installed option on any Dual-Cylinder Ironworker or Punching Machine with a 510mm or larger throat depth. The operation is CNC controlled using a pendant mounted controller featuring easy programming and a virtually indestructible design. The operator simply positions the plate against the CNC-controlled X and Y stops and initiates the punch sequence. Ideal for base plates, connection plates, angles, channels and more.

Main Features

  • Preview function before executing program
  • Four pre-programmed patterns: Line, Array, Arc, and Custom
  • Spotting function using low pressure mode
  • Maximum table travel speed: 10m/min
  • Table accuracy without load ± 0.05mm
  • Omron 10” touch screen controller

  • * Optional oversize punch

  • * Optional angle leg up stripper

Optional Multi-tool system

  • Standard punches and dies used on multi-tool system
  • Each punch is individually controlled by pneumatic cylinders
  • Tooling is color coded in preview screen
  • Maximum table travel speed without load: 10m/min
  • Machined steel frame design
  • Mitsubishi servo motors
  • Name brand linear actuator with 3000mm travel for maximum performance
  • Ball transfers on table for smooth material handling
  • 3000x400mm Semi-Automatic Table