CNC Automation

Auto Punch and Shear

The new line of Sunrise CNC positioning and feeding system uses a heavily proportioned machined structural steel tube that provides unmatched rigidity and quality, yet offers simple set-up, adjustment and maintenance.

  • The APS automatic punch and shear combines a punching machine with a shearing machine and a CNC in-feed system for punching and shearing flat bars in one fully automatic operation.

The in-feed system is standard at 6000mm X-travel with option to extend longer.

The touch screen controller is podium mounted for easy placement according to job needs and features pre-set patterns making programming a simple task.

  • Max. material:300x18x6000mm. 300x10x12000mm or 200x15x12000mm (with optional extension)
    *Depend on hole size, max. thickness may be reduced.
  • Feeding speed:12m/min
  • Accuracy:±0.5mm per meter.
    *Material condition may affect the hole accuracy.
  • 30-40-30 Multi-tool system:
    Center punch max. capacity: Φ40mm x 14mm, Φ30mm x 18mm
    Two side punches max. capacity: Φ30mm x 12mm, Φ20mm x 18mm
  • Side pneumatic cylinders to assist material loading and positioning.
  • Anti-twist shearing support.
  • Fully covered with interlock doors for safety
  • Minimum scrap: 150mm