• A full range of punches and dies are available for various punching needs.
  • Quick change retaining nut system for fast punch tooling change.
  • Thoughtfully designed stripper for visibility, safety and ease of use.
  • A large 2-piece table with scales and gauging stops is standard on all models.
  • Stripper with interchangeable plates of various openings to minimize deformation is standard on all models.
  • Optional hydraulic stripper is available on dual-cylinder ironworkers and all punching machines.

Punches and dies are sold separately.

Standard dual-opening die block for up to 50mm round punch and die.

Overhang die holder for punching channel flanges and angles. (optional on single cylinder models)

Laser alignment system foe more accurate positioning of marked parts.

Goose-neck die holder for punching channel flanges and webs.

Urethane spring stripper for minimal deformation.

Pipe notcher.

Oversize punch attachment.

Multi-stop gauge table. (S/SD/KD and PM models only)

Single vee press brake.

Multi vee press brake.

Large vee-notcher. (Punch side)

Angle bending press.

  • Optional Semi-Automatic CNC Tables with 1000x400mm travel.