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• Max. material: 300x18x6000mm
• Feeding speed: 12m/min
• Accuracy :±0.5mm per meter
• 30-40-30 multi-tool system for max. 40mm holes
• Side pneumatic cylinders to assist material loading and positioning
• Anti-twist shearing support
• Fully covered with interlock doors for safety

In 2008 Sunrise became the market leader to install a laser at the punching station of ironworker. Now we have modified the laser so standard tooling can be used. It can be easily retrofitted on existing S/SD/KD/PM models without change the stripper nor drilling extra holes.

Sunrise ironworkers and punching machines now come with a low pressure tool alignment mode. The operator can use the JOG mode to run the machine in low pressure and low speed for tool alignment, blade changes and maintenance operations. This will greatly improve operator safety and prevent tool damage in case of mis-alignment.